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North Shore Products is a bicycle company hailing from Sapporo, Japan. Formed by the riders for the riders, we are focused on designing MTB frames and parts as well as making movies and skate park ramps.

NSP is run by Masaki Kusahara, a bike rider who has experienced competitive trials, downhills and slalom as well as street riding on BMX and MTB bikes. Contents include product guide and blog posts. More and more functions and contents, such as mail order and how-to's, are plannded to be added as well.

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Real cause of recent tailgating craze

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Aircraft control system revision

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Spinner Cargo 34 fork travel reduction guide

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Spinner “Cargo 34″ MTB suspension fork – NSP special spec

We are now offering suspension forks for 26″ MTB. As component standards vary as widely as never before, it is sometimes ridiculously hard, if not impossible, to find replacement parts for good ol’ standard mountain bikes. So here we are, adding a quite ordinary MTB fork to our lineup for you. Just skip the following [...]

LiBCo. Clicker MTB cassette hub

Here is a rear hub that goes along well with the new Tanatos frame. Since the frame features closed dropouts, typical and common hubs with fixing nuts cannot be used (you could cut open the dropouts to make it work like that, but that’s where the Mottainai spirit kicks in and we do not recommend [...]

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