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North Shore Products is a bicycle company hailing from Sapporo, Japan. Formed by the riders for the riders, we are focused on designing MTB frames and parts as well as making movies and skate park ramps.

NSP is run by Masaki Kusahara, a bike rider who has experienced competitive trials, downhills and slalom as well as street riding on BMX and MTB bikes. Contents include product guide and blog posts. More and more functions and contents, such as mail order and how-to's, are plannded to be added as well.

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Ain’t Boost standard nothing but a joke?

This talk will involve some technical stuff about MTB. It may not be interesting without relevant knowledge, but we’re sorry, we are not elaborating on all that because there is just too much. Back when MTB was born, component standards were pretty simple, with dimensions of parts unified in most cases. Like if you buy [...]

Hey escalator lambs

A week ago I was in Shanghai, attending the China Cycle Expo. It was technically my second time to visit mainland China, though the short day trip to Shenzhen from and back to Hong Kong last time doesn’t really count. Of course my 7-day stay in Shanghai doesn’t make me an expert, but I did [...]

Requiem for a 76er

Once upon a time, there was a BMXer-turned-MTB pro rider named John Tomac who dominated the early mountainbike race scene. He later did road racing too, during which period I heard news about him crashing after attempting to avoid another racer who fell in front of him. By avoiding I mean, well he meant, bunnyhopping [...]

That seasonal CAD fever

Just heard cherry blossoms have finally reached this area. Meanwhile at NSP, I’ve been just drawing stuff all day long. Working on an involute curve, which is often used for gears. Also a long time ago, God had to punch G codes for this curve into the machining center when creating the Ammonite, so he [...]

Tanatos frame updated as E-gravity bike

The Taipei Cycle Show last week was all about electric bikes, with manufacturers offering e-bikes, bike companies designing e-bikes, and users coming over to check out e-bikes. We were no exception. We are sick and tired of using actual muscles to bunnyhop on the bike, so we decided to pursue a new path. That’s how [...]

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