Kazoo x Tanatos

Kazoo is not just riding for Libido Bike Co. but also creating things, like this short film. This is what the Tanatos frame enables you to do.

Good stuff. Makes you want to go out riding too, doesn’t it? You don’t have to own our bikes to have fun. It doesn’t even need to be a bike. Whether it’s a tricycle, skateboard, balance ball, lunch tray, pipe chair, or shopping cart, anything can be fun, anywhere you may be. Still, can’t deny, that our bikes offer the best.

Creativity is the ultimate gift

Merry Christmas.

Recently I’ve been wanting to create some new, weird vehicles. In the course of gathering information toward the goal, it somehow led me to this super wheelchair.

YouTube Preview Image

I think this is phenomenal. The great part lies specially in the design concept that the user shall simply operate the joystick and the machine does all the rest based on the current situation, as well as in the engineering capability to materialize it.

Some people criticize it for the “rocking movement that real disabled people couldn’t stand,” which simply cannot be more wrong. Of course there still are issues left to be solved at this stage. But there already are so many people out there that can extend their freedom by quite a few degrees with the technology already presented in this prototype phase product. Also, there are users who need wheelchairs but do not have any problem with this much vibration. Besides, I bet shock absorption is, by several huge notches, easier than the already implemented controls in terms of technological difficulty.

I love making something new and getting drowned in thoughts in the process. Then sometimes (actually very often), I encounter great inventions that I have to admit I just couldn’t conceive. And it makes me look forward to seeing those things, which may be equivalent to 10 or 20 Christmas times, come out available like the greatest Christmas present you’ve ever woken up to.

Local Movie Contest update

Sorry about the belated report… In the MTB film contest organized by Tubagra the other day, my video ranked in 2nd. I’m grateful for the result, for having many people watch the film, and especially for having an opportunity like this.

So, my little secret frustration of not winning aside, here is the award-winning film. You might already have seen it, but I’m sharing it anyway.

This film contest is planned to take place again, so I’m already looking forward to discovering even more clips with a greater variety next time.

Local Movie Contest!

Been relatively busy as always (at least recently), and here is one of the reasons – just entered a short movie contest by Tubagra, a street MTB posse doing things quite similar to what I’ve been doing. Though it’s just a two-minute film, it has taken its share of my time and efforts for planning, location check, shooting and editing. It’s fun but I can’t deny I’m pretty washed up right now. Nevertheless, it is great to have events like this so we can see what other riders are doing here and there. Oh if you have time today or tomorrow, you can check them out and also take part in the voting to decide the winner.

So, here is my clip that’s also listed in the contest page. I’m experimenting with some things I’d never tried before, and am going to use whatever works out here in the next DVD project as well.

YouTube Preview Image

Osiris Shoes – Ryan Nyquist & Arik Elstran in Milwaukee

I just wrote about shoes. Years ago, I didn’t shop around for shoes because I had some support from the Japanese distributor of Osiris Shoes. When I was appearing on MTB Magazine and so forth frequently, before the decline of the skateboard industry led to terminate the sponsorship, they were the shoes I was in.

From that brand I loved came an interesting BMX short film. One of the riders is Ryan Nyquist, a phenomenal dirt and street rider of our generation. To be honest I’ve been sick and tired of watching recent films that are just like exhibitions of usual tech tricks, but this one is way different. Just watch.


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