Grinding down a handrail

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Grinds on handrails are hard because of the narrower sweet spot than on a ledge, and the greater pain if things go wrong. However, there really isn’t any problem if you can bunnyhop onto it with precision. 50/50 grind down a handrail, on my everyday bike with no grinding gimmicks.

A wild manual at shopping mall

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I’ve found it hard to find a good how-to for the manual (coasting wheelie). The point is how much you can move your body in order to actively control the forward/backward balance. If the front end goes up too high, you need to thrust your body forward to lower it. If the front end drops too low, you want to pull back your hip while also kicking your feet forward. You could adjust the balance by tapping on the brake or pedaling, but keep it for the emergency only because it slows your progress if you rely on it.

This clip is an extreme example, but it nonetheless shows what actions are taken while I was manualing over an uneven terrain. Hope it helps.

Nose Manual

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It’s a real short clip of a nose manual, a trick that has been booming in the BMX world recently.

Though it may be scary to try, there is so much you can learn from this trick as to how much control you can have on your bike. Just as in regular manuals, it makes your progress three times as much if you try not to rely on the brake.

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