Happy New Year! 2016!

Happy New Year!

Backyard-built prototypes and precision-made products.

The year characterized by a bunch of random secret craft is over. This new year will hopefully be a fun and busy one when these projects take actual shape and old projects are revised and revived.

One of the biggest news last year was Kazoo, our new team rider. This is going to be the first full year he’s with us, so you know there is a lot to look forward to.

Speaking of riding, I’m finally seeing improvements in the conditions of my injuries lingering for over a year. This year, I’m not going to miss too many opportunities to ride with y’all.

Thank you for all your support in the previous years and into the new one. We look forward to seeing all the great things that 2016 will bring to you and to us.

New pricing (w/o tax display)

We changed the price display on each item to MSRP w/o tax in line with the recent tax rate change. At the same time we revised pricing on some items. Price revisions include those with plus and minus, though very minor in any case. Please find details on each product page.

North Shore Products has moved

After sticking to the flat plains of Higashi-ku for over a decade, we made the very first move since foundation to the hilly, greener part of Sapporo, which is Kiyota-ku. Despite the momentary inconvenience with the phone line, packing and unpacking, putting things away and so forth, we hope and are sure that this move will benefit the whole world in the long run as it should enable us to carry out the business more efficiently and produce more cool bike stuff and whatnot.

The new address is:
2-jo 2-chome 22-4 Kitano, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan 004-0862


New Tanatos sneak peek

Libido Bike Co. now offers the new version of its MTB frame Tanatos. I’m writing this while checking each of the newly arrived frames, and more information is coming soon. While you wait, you may also enjoy these eye candies.

Pantone 395 “Hard Banana”

Pantone 1785 “Salmon Pink”

Pantone 325 “Baby Turquoise”

Pantone 5463 “Night Forest”

As you can see, there are now 4 color options available. The frame will also come with stickers and a bottom bracket kit (Spanish standard), all for a price tag of 69,500 JPY.

Escaping the pow

Business update from Sapporo, in a full foot of fluffy snow just overnight.

I’ll be away from today until 27th, visiting Taiwan. I’ll be able to answer phone and emails as usual, but I won’t be available if you need me to ship out goods, fix flat tires, or patrol downtown Susukino. Please understand.

Here are the reminder for myself (applicable next year and onward):

  • Bring the bike next time.
  • Learn to speak Chinese already.
  • Not a good idea to reserve airline tickets 30 hrs before flight.

Anyways, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a fruitful trip. Oh before that, I’m praying that the plane will actually fly.

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