Production of new Tanatos frames underway!

Tanatos, the toughest street MTB frame from our Libido Bike Co., is getting renewed. The new model has withstood 110,000 repetitions of load testing at the frame factory and been performing great throughout the design review and prototyping phase that lasted for over a year. Now that we have nothing else left to do, we are entering mass production. The first batch is planned to be in stock late January, 2013.

We will fill you in on more details later, so stay tuned.

Testing Tanatos prototype

The long awaited prototype of the Libido Bike Co.’s product has come. I’m going to have a test bite, and will let you know as soon as we have plans for production batches as well.

The new frame is a revised version of “Tanatos.” Each detail, including tube selection and geometry, has been modified and optimized. There are heaps of new ideas as well, some of which the world has never seen. I bet other makers will catch up in these designs in like five years, though whether it happens as a result of copying or simultaneous and spontaneous invention I don’t know.

Thus I have reasons to hesitate showing everything before production, but well, here’s something for you.

Though you can’t see, the down tube is triple butted, meaning the thickness changes at three points within the length of the tube to make it both strong and light (as can get). By such design and also due to post-weld heat treatment, the frame retains the renowned strength, actually higher strength where it’s needed, while shaving down the weight by 300g to 2.5kg. The chain stays are now 375 plus/minus 10mm, a bit shorter than before.

It rides smoothly and naturally, and makes every maneuver slightly easier. It’s a fun, balanced ride and it made me healthier, richer, more popular among ladies and even made me win a lottery.

The first test turned into power slide practice. I mean what else would you do when the asphalt is brand new, other than making your mark… even though the triumph is not so visible when it’s just black on black.

I took it to the trails as well. Starting to dig it more and more recently, I went two straight days on the weekend. I can take lonely practice sessions, but nothing beats having friends who push you to try something new. My BMX friends took test rides and liked it as well, and I really appreciated it.

Actually there are other new stuff on the bike including the special prototype crank set and new fork, so I will keep you posted if you are interested. Stay tuned!

New comment system added

We have just added a comment system to our articles, which enables you to post comments via Facebook (which you can also use with, aol, or hotmail accounts).

We never really used to have comments allowed here because I didn’t appreciate the idea of us, with real names and contact information, versus anonymous “commenters” who take no responsibility.

With the Facebook system, however, I hope the real people-based scheme makes it possible to have productive discussions if there is a chance. And we have always wanted to communicate with people more. Let’s see what happens, hope it works out.

Renovation almost finished

Sorry about the inconvenience in the last couple of days, and the lack of new postings in the last couple of months. Finally we are proud to annouce the launch of the new website after one of the biggest renovation since we started the business.

As is often the case, some more features and adjustments are kept under the hat. Meanwhile, some contents are being translated to English if they are especially worth it.

Hope you like the change, and we are sure you will, because we are planning to serve you way better based on this. Thank you for your visit.

Renewal plans

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