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Copying Kills

Any video can be illegally copied no matter what copy protection it has. But if you like that video there are a few reasons you rather want to buy it for.

Not about the legal crap or corporate greed, it’s all about the way you put yourself in the bike world. Paying for a video equals supporting future video projects as well as helping out the people behind the current one. Then turn around and you see that not paying is a statement that you don’t want to join this world, you don’t care if the next video never comes, you don’t want good riders to get better and you don’t want to save room for them.

We understand though, that you may feel like copying than gambling with a video that may or may not be worth the dough. I’ve bought some that never make it to the player anymore. As we learned from all these good stuff and bad shit, we are proudly presenting our film that won’t make you regret buying, wear out fast forward button, make you sick or make you want to quit riding. That said, we are offering this return policy that’s probably unheard of in the industry. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Enjoy.