How To Ride

Throw your video game out of the window

With the Internet becoming bigger and bigger, there seem to be more and more “Show me tips for this bike stunt trick” messages. I hate them.

Here is the ultimate tip; RIDE HARD!! Repetitive practice is the key to precise body movement no matter what activity you do, bike riding, driving, playing guitars, you name it. Scientists say it takes some thousands of repetition till your muscles and nerves learn to cooperate without thinking. Then after that thousands of bunnyhops you know the tips, which you wouldn’t be able to understand before the sweaty times. It’s not like video games where you’ll find cool items, books or wise old dudes here and there.

I know nobody wants to waste time and effort on wrong practice, but no, nothing is wrong. Any goofy practices or silly jocky efforts count at last, as long as you don’t give in. You see people who try some new kind of sports and start as an expert, right? That’s the same mechanism, not the talent, but the amount of sweaty efforts in their background. The “tips” messages sound noisy probably for the lack of respect for that efforts part. What you think you can’t do is just what you never put enough effort in, don’t you think?