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…and another death.

We have lost Mitsuhiro Otoku, the head of our filming crew and one of the best friends/advisors of mine. A lonely death at the age of only 29.

I met him through riding, riding MTB, BMX, sometimes skateboards and cars, where we had something to share and something to argue on. Later we found we were second cousins somehow, which was a freaky coincidence. He was the one behind the camera as well, especially in “Sunrise Street” where his determination and devotion as the camera guy turned out just awesome. Some of you might remember him through filming sessions in places like Sendai and Tokyo.

He always was the rider in progress, not too complete or too sophisticated. He did have a huge knowledge in bike setups and techniques though, which gained him ground as a good advisor in the local scene. He was too sensitive to take the modest and mild ways somewhere out there, he rather went to extremes all the time, ending up being either loved or hated, no choices in between. He was pure, if not good, and the pureness could just bite him back in such a tragic way. There is no doubt he has been one of the largest influence to me as I see life and things around it.

We even had a promise to go on a trip on some badass Harley or Kawasaki choppers when we are old–real old. What a downer.