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Mamachari race weekend

The weekend has been great again, this time participating in the “mamachari” bike race in Sapporo on Sunday.

I’ve heard about it from friends who competed, but this was the first time for me to join. Luckily the weather held up, and fun was had by everybody.

The event is basically a four-hour endurance on a “mamachari” bike, a Japanese everyday thing. The course was 3.5 km long this time, and lapping it at 6.5 mins to 7.5 mins meant epic fatigue after one and changing riders every lap.

The end result was 18th. Not very satisfying in a way, but I guess it isn’t bad considering the big mess procuring the bike the day before, and the super non-sporty setup. We owe one to Tsuru-san of CMJ Cycle, the shop with indoor ramps where I ride sometimes, who lent us a bike and gave some advice despite our abrupt last minute call for help.

As a bike designer, it was unsatisfactory and yet motivating. For the next year, I definitely want to build a dream bike to get some revenge on.