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Online shop spamming

I bought some stuff at the Japanese “R Market” thing online a while ago.

Now, I’m receiving solicitation emails I didn’t ask for. Looks like they come from the R Market, and it takes hell of a lot to discontinue the subscription. Click on the “unsubscribe” link on the email. Click on different links depending whether you are a member of the R thing or not. Follow the links. Click. Check email, and click some link there. Reach the unsubscribe page and give the final click. Well, this time, I didn’t find any information regarding the registration for the email I just received, in any of the steps described above.

This is spamming.

I have an account with the online bank which now is part of the R Market. Since it became part of it, the service went down, sharply. Like you deposit 1,000 yen, withdraw it, and a few tens percent will have been lost for handling charges. I understand the stance to give no shit to the poor, but isn’t it the key point of the Internet and IT revolution that what used to be done in business world are now possible in personal domains? It sure is more lucrative to deal with millions, but do you expect in in that domain? Isn’t it the methodology of the old banking system with offline service all done by humans?

Well, the good thing is that the R entity is so huge there is no worry that I can ruin it whatever I say. So, here it is; well, you are very welcome to kiss the nether part of my body. Suckers.