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First dirt jumping this season

I always ride street, but I know dirt jumping is fun. So, I lifted my lazy ass last weekend and went to Sam’s Trail, the fixture in the scene of Sapporo.

Sorry, no riding pics because, um, I was riding.

It’s been about a decade since I started to play around here, and I’ve seen times when there are more BMXers or more MTBers, different shapes of jumps and lines. This time, about 10 friends gathered, most of whom were riding mountain bikes. Some were sporting new bikes, and it was fun checking out the new rides.

I didn’t do anything epic, as I’m not so confident about dirt jumping, but a good time was had thanks to all the fun lines dug by my friends. I know I always just say and never do this, but it made me want to visit there more often and create some fun stuff myself.