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Music video ripoff

As I was surfing on YouTube, I bumped into a song by a band I never knew. Of course it happens all the time, and the song itself sounded alright, though it sort of reminisces of a bit old Japanese pop songs.

However, about 40 seconds into the video clip, I felt something was wrong. Rather, something deja vu. This is trouble, this is serious, shouts come from dwarfs in the corner of my brain that deals with creative things.

This band called Sixth Sense seems to come from Malaysia. About half around the globe from Malaysia, there is a country called Canada. And in Canada, there is a rock band called Nickelback who played in the ceremony of the Vancouver Olympic Games. I like that band. The first song I liked was “Hero” which was featured in the film “Spider-Man.” And here is the second song I liked, “Someday.”

I really ain’t got nothing to say… Well one thing I noticed is that the rip-off was probably based on the other version of Someday, which had a different ending. Well anyway, that isn’t even the point of the whole thing.

Here at North Shore Products, we create bicycle films. Though we are in different fields, I can’t help but say it’s a shame. It could have been a bit more impressive if the knockoff actually surpassed the original in quality, but well once again, it’s not the heart of the matter either.