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One year since breaking collarbone

When I talk to my friends who I haven’t talked to for a while, they sometimes mention my getting injured a lot recently. It’s a false charge.

Apart from small cuts, scratches and minor surgeries on old injuries, I haven’t got injured so much recently. It’s been exactly a year since the last major thing, the broken collarbone.

Well, “haven’t got injured so much recently” may depend, I know. For myself, there was a time when it seemed normal to be injured half of the time for a few consecutive years, and there also seemed to be a set of a few years throughout which I couldn’t ride to the fullest due to a major injury and following ones owing to long rehab and being not fully in shape the whole time.

But for the last year, things have been rather good. Collarbone is known to heal back well, and it also inspired me to think about the legs and take cover-up surgeries. Though the drilling on the knee seems to have made it a bit worse, the improved flexibility in the ankles have let me ride better. I also restarted going to the gym on the regular and it has resulted in an increased muscle bulk all in all.

The scariest thing I think about injuries is that they can lead to another while your power and finesse are not all back. This time around though, in the last year, I have felt the good side of it that it gave me a chance to get out of the negative spiral. May this go on further, and lead up to a higher ground.