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Emergency hospital admission

At the hospital now.

I was going to talk about how it had rained nonstop in September, how the tail bone kept aching after a handrail attempt, and how I nailed flips on the bag jump… But then came the big news.

I broke three bones, and have been admitted to a hospital today, after my contest run went terribly wrong.

The versatile, diverse combo includes a bone in the right hand, left clavicle and one rib on the left, second from the top.

What’s broken is broken. I was going to suck it up, but then wondered: how can mere broken bones generate this much pain and difficulty of breathing?

So I went back to the hospital with friends who drove me and helped me. Doctors and nurses are somehow much nicer. Pneumothorax caused by punctured lung due to broken rib, surgery required right away to avoid grave risks.

Once again, so many of my friends hooked me up and saved me. I am sorry to mess up one slight part of the skatepark event, I am pissed off about not winning, but to an astronomically larger extent, I’m grateful. Especially to Sakata who drove me to the hospital twice, Kowada who stayed with me till pretty late at the hospital, and other friends who have called me and sent me messages, thank you.