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Injury update – got out of hospital

Now that the punctured lung is all fine, I just got out of the hospital today. There still is a dull ache in the chest and back, but I can at least sneeze without startling pain. For a while I’ll stay off the bike for the broken hand needs some time to heal up.

One regret was that the construction of parts of the hospital did not proceed much. When I was in a different hospital for the broken ankle, that was the main entertainment for me.

September 22. I was waiting for some concrete action after they put steel reinforcements in the channels.

September 28. Not much progress. There actually is a vast area of construction beyond what can be seen, so there was little going on in this particular area. I’m also seriously concerned about the wavy frames.

So all in all, I had little fun from such material things but rather from human factors. Thank you all my friends for visiting me in the hospital.