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Now cast free

My broken right hand is now good enough to go without the cast after three weeks and a half.

Two days ago, I suddenly felt like “Ah, the bone has just got back together,” so I went to see the doctor yesterday although it was earlier than scheduled. The doctor gave me an OK, and I’m cast-free in less time than four-plus weeks as told at first.

On the left is the x-ray image from yesterday, and on the right is 10 days earlier. The broken bone is the second metacarpus at the base of the index finger. The wide crack has narrowed and bone tissue is growing, assuring me this probably will heal back to normal. The bolt seen in the picture is in the scaphoid bone, an old injury from 1993, one of the injuries that didn’t heal back up to 100%.

The numbness in the fingertips cannot be from too much icing, the doctor said, but probably just due to the broken bone. Either way, this issue along with regaining muscles will take some more time.