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Round tires rock

I trued the wheels on my bike, because the ride has not been very smooth recently.

It was just the ordinary tech stuff, where you take off the wheels, take off the tires, put it on the truing stand and tighten or loosen nipples. The wheels have been apparently wobbly for a few months now, but I just hadn’t had motivation as I’ve been injured and stuff.

Also I added air to my suspension fork, because it became a low rider a few days back. The fork became so happy to be inflated for the first time in a few years and started to work pretty well again.

Whether it is a cruise from point A to B, or about pulling some bike tricks, things feel smooth and just great. It sure is important to keep rotating parts round.

On the same day, I changed the tires of the automobile. It may snow anytime now, and it actually has been in the mountains, so it’s important to be ready by changing to studless winter tires.

And it turned out awesome as well, with much smoother rolling. The summer tires were worn out like old formula one tires, with flat spots here and there. It just takes a little change to notice how the old setup was uncomfortable with all the harshness and noise.

As is common with all mechanical stuff, it is really important that rotating parts are centered and round things are actually round. If you ask me if being round is such a big thing I can only say it’s just normal, but I can say for sure that lack of roundness does ruin a lot of your experience.