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Back in skatepark

My last injury last autumn was actually pretty bad with broken bone in hand and broken rib that punctured the lung. The doctor first said my left collarbone was broken too, which turned out to be bone chips from old injuries. And the other shoulder kept aching for a long time despite the lack of any diagnosis for that part, which I guess was a bone bruise case. There also had been numbness in fingertips just until a few days ago.

Oh well, I’m back in the park again. I went to Edias today, the very place I got injured at and for the very first time to hit a skatepark after the injury. There were other riders as well, and it was fun. It was a good rehab for me in a lot of ways, since I haven’t been riding at parks much recently.

During the last few months of the last year, I was pretty seriously working out. I had to get back muscles after the injury, and it takes a lot of focus to get back in good and balanced shape when you hurt your limbs and lose power on one side. If you get back to sports before reclaiming the muscles and the balance thereof, you can easily end up with lower performance as well as a chain of injuries.

So, I restarted riding in October but now I’m finally glad that my body can listen to me and coordinate. And yes, I am going to keep working out so I can be even stronger.