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Down again, up again

I had a crazy amount of work over the New Year’s, so I was doing it at full speed like yee hah and then caught a cold. So I’ve been sleeping, sleeping, getting up, eating, drawing bike parts and sleeping again, for the last week and now I’ve almost got over it.

Not just injuries but also sicknesses are troublesome because they shut down athletic things. For the last few days though, finally, I’ve been back at working out a little and jumping on snow piles and bridge railings outside. It’s my way of conditioning, like bike training without the bike.

Hope y’all are sleeping well and staying away from sicknesses.

By the way, I just caught the news that Sarah Burke, a freestyle skiing icon, has passed away. Reportedly she fell onto her head while practicing at a halfpipe, went into cardiac arrest on-slope, and had spent the last week in coma at a hospital.

It was July 1999. I remember meeting her in a mogul skiing camp in Whistler, probably before she switched to halfpipe/superpipe from moguls. She was a very normal and fairly pretty girl, then she went on to blow my mind when she started spinning 720s in front of my unprepared eyes. We talked very little then, but I’ve always had a warm and friendly cheer for her whenever I heard of her accomplishments in the following years.

Rest in peace Sarah, though I’m sure you were not done yet. I’ll miss you.