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Plan for March

Now it’s March out of nowhere. Is it just me or February is actually shorter than other months?

As the calendar page flipped, temperature went up and I see more ground emerging from under the snow. The air temperature still tends to stay negative the whole day, but as the sunshine melts snow covering asphalt, bike practicing does not have to be limited to tiny heated patches of road.

Speaking of practicing, I still can’t pull bunnyhop 360 I’ve been working on for the past month and a half. It’s getting better at least, so I’ll make it a goal of this month to do it clean.

Also this month, I’m visiting Taiwan, actually just next week. I’ll see the Taipei Cycle Show, talk business there, and go check out some factories as well in search of some opportunities. There is one prototype due early next month too, and I’m excited. The only regret is I have done nothing with the Chinese language, even though I promised myself to come back with some ability at it when I was there last year. Well, I’ll at least try to learn something right before the trip or on the plane, so that I can say stuff like “I don’t speak Chinese” with perfect pronunciation.