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Back from Taiwan

Just got back from the one-week trip to Taiwan.

It was great in that I saw most things I wanted to see, including the Taipei Cycle Show and whatnot. It was definitely worth it.

On the other hand, I was let down by not being able to go out for a ride with my local friends there I met last year, because they were too busy working and it was raining everyday as well. Still, I managed to find some spot in between the rain and between my travel plans where I got to know yet other bike friends there, and rode a little bit on a borrowed BMX bike.

When I got back, my bike withdrawal made me get the bike out of the car parked at New Chitose Airport and ride around on snow piles for about an hour. It was surprisingly obvious how much snow had melted in the past week, in Chitose and in Sapporo alike.

It’s been a bit frantic here due to the trip and tax report deadline coming up at about the same time, but the asphalt, my good old friend who I haven’t seen for a while, has been calling, so I might go out for a ride later.