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New product release

Today, NSP is proudly releasing the new bicycle with the most advanced design targeted on street riding.

Let us introduce the concept first. This specialty street bike for jumping and spinning is packaged and sold as a complete bike, unlike just frame or parts as we have done before. The distinct differences lie in the ultimate frame geometry and optimized component choice.

  • All new construction that allows ultra-short back end
  • Super high bottom bracket enables sharp maneuvers
  • Short crank arms at 0 mm optimize weight distribution
  • High-rise handlebar and strong stem compose solid steering feel

As we focused primarily on maneuverability for street tricks on flat ground (360, 720, tailwhip, bike flip, etc.), some of the original functions of bikes have surely been sacrificed. Still, once you hop on this beast, we are confident that you will see how different our bike is from the old ones not so compatible with tricks.

Click on the thumbnail below to see the photo.