Bike Dictionary

Greg Hill tuck

I haven’t been able to fix my bike yet. My body is healthy, and the weather has been nice, yet I’ve been bikeless for almost a month. It’s killing me.

So I have spent some time studying the bunnyhop. The theme this time is “Greg Hill tuck.” As you can check if you search for images for these words, this is a term named after a legendary BMX rider still used to describe the form characterized by the deep tucking while in the air on a bike.

There are only two points necessary in order to bunnyhop high; strong takeoff and full tucking. Surely there are skills required for each, setup and positioning involved for each, and the transition between the two elements needs a lot of practicing, but it’s that simple nonetheless. And what I’m talking about here is one way to deal with the second point.

To be honest, I disliked the Greg Hill tuck for a long time, because of the bow-leggedness which didn’t seem too cool to me. However, I realized this is the kind of posture often seen in bike trials, skateboarding or parkour, when jumping onto or over high obstacles. And the reason is because, apparently, you can raise your legs higher if you keep the knees far apart to avoid them hitting the body like when you pull the legs straight up underneath the belly.

So I’m one step wiser, playing with the images without the bike now. Hope I’ll be magically better as soon as my bike is ready.