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What happens often happens often

May is over while I was busy breaking the fork, hurting my leg, and getting older and wiser. Now June, a start of another great month it’s got to be.

First day of the month means cheap movies at cinema, but I’ve already watched “Men in Black” in 3D last week, so I decided to just have a bike practice to celebrate June. Time for fakie bunnyhops!

Ten minutes later:

The evening was cut short by a flat tire. The thin tire makes it look even more miserable. I went home to fix it, and the old failing pump gave me extra stress. Have to fix it too sometime soon.

As I finished patching up, I felt some sense of accomplishment creeping in. To shake off that misconception and get a reality check, I tried bunnyhop 360s a few times. Not too clean yet, but I was kind of capable. So, I think I’m going to have a good sleep on this unreasonable feeling of accomplishment for tonight.