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Dirt jumping diary

I’ve been into dirt jumping recently. I’d go to the trails just a few times a year before, but now I’ve done it three or four times this year. Good move.

I used to have little interest in tricks, but I have a list of tricks I want to try this year. Good for me, maybe because I’ve got more and more comfortable with jumping itself.

So I went again last weekend. Great day with about 10 bike friends and good weather. It was rather hot around noon, but when I got there after some chores in late afternoon, it was just warm and perfect. Oh, rather cool, around my bottom.

Bye bye jeans. Sorry I rubbed you against stuff in sketchy landings as I tried no footer tricks. Pictured here is what they looked after Mado-san gave me some duct tape to fix it. Thanks, it made my trip back home via hardware store much nicer.

The story ends well like this as a whole, but right now I’m suffering itchy legs. Moral of the story is that bug repellent should be applied on your legs when your jeans have a hole. Sporting bare legs while fixing them is like throwing a salmon into a bear cage.