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Trip to Furano

Just took a day trip to Furano to chill out and see lavender flowers. Well, it seemed to be a bit too early for lavender but it struck me how beautiful Furano is. I’d been there before but never knew so clearly.

There was a trick art museum en route, so just dropped by.

Note that this wall is basically flat. Looks like a great idea for constructions in Japan to save on land area.

There are interesting pictures inside. For some reason I don’t know, these pictures look better when viewed through the lens. I’ve always liked Escher and all, so it was great to have a chance to see this kind of stuff.

There also was a Ferris wheel in the site, so why not ride. Touristy things all welcome.

Panoramic view of the magnificent Daisetsu Mountains. The tallest one is Asahi-dake, the highest mountain in Hokkaido at 2291m boasting the rugged look of an active volcano.

The weather couldn’t be better with clear blue sky and not too hot temperature. A great time was had, way better than expected indeed. Furano isn’t famous for nothing.

Business notification 1
The thing in Mikasa/Katsurazawa seems to have been regularly repaired by the Felem crew, who I’ve never met but admire now. Although, it’s still not an option to hit it during daytime due to administration issues.
Business notification 2
Seidai is still wet and slippery. The water level is slightly lower than majorly wetting the spillway, but the mud and moss make it as slippery as a 3D skating rink or something. Some more crispy drying time required.