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July breakage report

I have a sore elbow after falling a bit at the dirt trails. There is no problem unless I tense the muscles like in riding, so it’s the perfect timing to get some parts designs done.

Though not ending up in anything painful, my skateboard broke the other day.

Rollin rollin

Away away


Things went the way they never should nor are supposed to.

The outside bearing is gone, which now explains how it happened. The inner bearing race stays on the axle, the outer one in the wheel, and the balls in between just disappeared altogether. It was a hot day, they must have evaporated.

I felt the drag before it happened, so I was in the safe mode and managed to just stop and pick up the wheel while passers by wondered what was happening. No big deal.

Incidentally these metal-shield bearings are from downhill MTBs I used to import. They fit in the pivots on the frame. It seemed like a wrong application for an outdoor equipment though, so I replaced them with rubber contact-seal bearings. That’s how I got a whole heap of these metal-shield bearings lying around. These bearings are perfect sk8 bearings for people like me since they roll fairly well, they are resistant to dry dust and pretty much maintenance free… until they break.