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Superficial vanity

I haven’t been dirt jumping for a few weeks, no filming either, just been a little busy. Usually I never cut off my sleep but things and more things came up so I had to. It doesn’t matter though, since I have recently found that trying to make personal busyness seem objective is rather impossible, and, a waste of time.

Meanwhile, I managed to take care of one mini project I have had in my mind for a while. That is to personalize the bike fork I started using at the end of June.

One problem is the abundance of stickers. Also I’d shave off some unnecessary humps. I did the exact same thing a while ago and got forever traumatized as the fork died just two weeks later, but, learned helplessness is the enemy of growth. So here I go again.

Here it is, sorry no halfway pic.

This is Argyle from RockShox. The left leg is thicker at the bottom part where you can see bolts. I shaved it off as well as the disc brake mount. This fork is almost identical to Pike, the one I broke in two weeks earlier this year. However, Argyle is thicker at the very part where I broke Pike, where the center brace meets each leg. I was actually depressed after getting this fork and before I found the difference.

Another difference is that I got proper gasket washers on these thin-headed bottom bolts this time. The washers came with the fork, good job Rock Shox.

I remember peeling off six stickers. Too many. Half for explaining functions, half for model logo. Can’t see the situation where I’d need them, unless I get products and cash from these guys. I decided to put on one sticker though, from the sticker pack that also came with the fork.

The old logo sticker, by far my favorite. It’s got to win the best dresser award in the bike parking today.