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Product test goes on and on

The ribs are alright now, with a bit of pain only when some serious force is involved in the action. My right leg, which tends to lose muscles whenever I’m being careless, has been pretty good too, stabilizing manuals like I can’t ask for any more.

Just as such the new prototype frame is working great, and I’m working on the crank set because it would probably be necessary to offer it along with the frame. So I’m in the designing and prototyping stage for that too, while of course putting the stuff on hand through furious road testing.

Weather resistance, check.

Dragonfly resistance, check.

The worst case scenario would be if we keep on the long term test until it’s broken it could be 22nd century already, when humans are moving to Venus and we’ll have to redesign bikes from the ground up, so we are being very careful to avoid that situation in the course of our product development.