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Sea and rib and stuff

There is a seaside wall I’ve always wanted to ride. Summer is the right season to hit stuff like that, and my ribs feel okay, so I was planning to go. Then a car full of friends gathered with the same intention to hit the sea, so we went on Sunday, to a beach, to throw some barbecues.

This summer has been long and hot, and I’ve been super psyched about it while stuck in front of the desk most of the time. Seeing August pass in front of me with no beach day was a torture. It’s because, in Sapporo, we only have like a week when we can soak in the sea without pretending it’s comfortable. However, the first weekend of September magically provided a hot day with worry-free soaking. Quite a surprise considering I’ve been through bad days in August before, at the end of which I was like shivering with purple lips. We played some balls with another group that was hanging out right next and it was great.

As I threw some rugby ball in the course of the beach fun, my ribs started to ache a little, possibly due to some twisting movement. And I had some ache again from practicing on my bike just now. It’s been three weeks since the injury and I’m good enough to sleep on my stomach or sneeze, but I guess I shouldn’t forget I’m still recovering.

Speaking of which, there were some things I was forgetting at the beach so I have to be careful next time. But it was fun, so I want to do it again. Oh, if I’m to hit the shore, I think there was some wall by the ocean that looked fun to ride…