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Dirt jumping in rain

As I’ve been away from dirt jumping since the recent rib injury, I decided to make a little comeback journey.

In rain.

It started raining right before I arrived. I sped up then, of course, in no avail. When I got there, though, I was surprised to see Miyamotchan, who had come earlier to ride and dig. There also are locals who would even come to just dig in rain sometimes, and I’m super grateful.

I heard there was a severe damage from motocross bikes the other day. Joyriding isn’t cool. Dig it if you ride it. Thanks again to the locals who fixed it all though, it seemed like just the same as before to me.

The popular lines were maintained very well as usual.

Some unpopular lines, on the other hand, were not.

Convert micro to macro in your head and this is like Mt. Tanigawadake or Yosemite or what? It’s steep, with unmatched design in terms of speed and distance in my opinion. I guess it’s not just me, hence this line hasn’t been ridden much as can be seen from the damage.

To make it count, I built a new hip jump. The terrain feature was very close to one, so I reinforced and shaped it so it’s more fun and gives you more satisfaction when you clear it edge to edge. Maru-chan also stopped by halfway through, which was another cool surprise.

I kept working on it till the basic shape was complete, then it was getting dark. As I looked up I heard a sound of some entity in the woods, followed by the sight of a white object moving swiftly through the trees. My energy gauge dropped, and my day had to be concluded.

And next day, I report to work again.

This time with Miyamotchan, Mr. Minee, Takashi and Okada who joined later. But it started raining again as I arrived, with no sign of ceasefire.

But these guys are mountain bikers, who can do it in the rain unlike the weather dependent kind like me. So they rode, and I rode. I almost lost the idea what on earth I was doing when raindrops hit my eyes midair, but it turned out fruitful and fun in the end. Superb. Let’s do it again, hopefully on a sunny day.