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Sleep busters

The calendar page flipped while I was barely aware of it, and it’s been getting much colder at night. Hope y’all haven’t caught a cold or anything.

For myself I’m doing great, but been a little busy recently. For a long time I swore by the motto to “keep fighting big bad forces, surrender unconditionally to sleepiness,” but things can be different in the fun world of the grownups.

When you have to fight the sleepiness and stay active, there have been various wise recipes to aid the battle. One of those, with little damage to health, is to “keep chewing something.” The mechanism, as I heard, is that the chewing action activates the brain by making it think, “What? Is food coming? Or is it snack? Yaaayyyyyy!” Therefore it doesn’t have to be caffeinated chewing gums to make it work.

So here is the newly developed sleep buster optimized for injury-prone athletes.

My new favorite. A masterpiece containing Xylitol to protect the teeth, with a soothing flavor of blackberry.