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Cold now

The temperature has dropped significantly, like leaping off a building in Dubai into an open-pit mine in Russia. Things looked frozen this morning… or did it just feel like it because I had caught a cold?

The reason is clear, as I look back at yesterday when I went out with too few layers of clothes in the cold air. When you feel like you may not have enough clothes on upon leaving the house it’s usually true, and doing so in the middle of the day means time is your enemy and the situation gets only worse towards the end of the day. As in the typical yet suspicious tale of how a frog would jump right out if put in hot water but stay and get boiled if put in cold water and then heated, you can freeze yourself that way. Just a pointer for myself here.

This morning, as the sickness was creeping into me in my sleep, I somehow had a dream of going to Saitama and having a good time on the bike with the local riders there. It looked really fun, so at least I have something to look forward to now, which is to turn it from a sick bed daydream into reality sometime.