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An “alpinist” named Nobukazu Kuriki

About five years ago, I heard of this guy named Nobukazu Kuriki, an up-and-coming alpinist on the media. Around that time I also had a chance to bump into him and shake hands.

Now, that’s black history.

There is a lot of information about him if you search, so I’m not going into great details. But I felt like giving a fair warning nonetheless.

If it were not for the so-called fair play spirit, people can tell a bunch of lies, make people believe in them, and enjoy huge profit out of them, in various scenes in life with astonishing ease than not. What’s worse, the Japanese media seems eager to support such acts, possibly due to their misconception that they should “create new values than just transmitting information.” This time though, I just couldn’t let it pass maybe because it has to do with mountaineering, an activity I like and admire, or because similar things happen sometimes in my field, the bike industry.

Recently an acquaintance of mine shared a message asking for support for Kuriki on a social website. And I dropped in to counter-argue. Maybe I have a personality problem. But I do believe that “those who share evil are evil.” I also think there are too many people who are lacking in the sense of responsibility just because they are distributing secondary information, not something primarily composed by themselves.

So here it goes, the messages between “evil sharing evil vs. evil personality.” Mind you, these are public comments not personal messages. At least I was nice enough to delete personal info, except which the whole of the original text is quoted below:

Kusahara’s friend A shared Friend’s friend B’s photo.

僕たちは、北海道出身の小さな登山家・栗城史多くんから多くの勇気をもらった。今、彼はエベレスト登頂失敗の上、凍傷により指を切断の危機に迫っている。今こそ彼を応援しよう! 講演会に行こう! そんな栗城君を応援しようと岩見沢の若者が立ち上がった!彼の名を※※※※という。 どうか栗城ファンの方、※※くんを応援&激励&これをシェアしてあげて少しでもたくさんのご来場者を期待します。5年来のうちのお客さんだった栗城くんをよろしくお願いします。 どうか、栗城君の指が何ともないように祈ります。

3月3日(日)18時~栗城史多 講演会
場所: まなみーる岩見沢市民会館

(I’m sharing this!

Let’s support Kuriki by going to his speech in Iwamizawa this Sunday! 3,000 yen fee at the door)

I know it’s pointless spending your life pointing out this wrong and that wrong, but if your acquaintance is involved, it can be different. I wandered about a bit but finally ended up commenting.




(Wait, he’s a bit sketchy. No respect for other, real alpinists, tweaks definitions such as no-oxygen and solo, etc. I’m sorry he’s losing fingers but I don’t quite get why he swore by fingerless gloves in the Himalayas just so he could use the iPhone…)

I have to apologize, I’ve never been there. I know a cool guy who I worked with as Mt. Fuji guides, who later conquered seven summits at the youngest age, but I myself am an armchair alpinist. My recent ventures include a walk late last night through untouched snowfield, in a college campus in the hood, just to make a shortcut.

Kusahara’s friend A



(Long time no see! Thanks for the comment. I checked and understood. But it is nonetheless amazing that some people have been inspired by Kuriki, no matter what he actually is)

Wait… What? Am I seeing an unexpected variation route right near the summit?

Nothing else I could do, I switch to double axe and set out on the summit push.






(Yes long time, sorry about sudden comment. But if you want to talk about such inspiration, there are people who saw sweet daydreams before finding out about the marriage fraud they were in, or some people certainly were saved by cults like Aum.

The two things a fraudster who actually never did anything he claims to have wants would be YOUR SHARING on Facebook and big cash from speech. If you provided support for those due to ignorance that’s too bad. But if you think it’s justifiable for any reason, then the only fact is that YOU TOOK PART.

Money you give him will be dead money that can turn into fat cells around his beer belly, not any energy for him to swing his ice axe. There is no real “adventure” he claims to be presenting as far as I can see.

But then it’s not me who decide whether or not to stick with the train.)

Kusahara’s friend A



(Understood. Thanks anyway for your time to write.

Everyone judges by their own criteria. Me too. If you don’t want to see you can cut people off of FB’s news feed, right?

Personally I’d like to use Facebook to support people, not blame or dis. )

Feeling exhausted. My crampons are not biting in. Don’t feel like I could ever get out of this couloir. Now, actually, it seems doubtful that there even is a peak above. Getting foggy. From afar, I hear rocks falling.

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