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Stupid is stupid does, moron driver

I got honked at while cruising on my bike. Twice. From behind and then while the car was overtaking me.

This certainly wasn’t the first time it happened, but I’m still having a hard time trying to figure out what the driver meant. It was a two-lane road, with no other traffic except this one car parked on the side. Even when I was passing that, I made sure there was a lane and a half reserved for the other guy. Also I was initially in the lead, which doesn’t bestow the honking little car any more right of way than me.

“I’m sick of you kids wandering about on bikes,” the driver might have meant. But I was going straight as an arrow, and there even is a possibility that I’m much older than that driver anyway.

“There’s a car coming, so watch out,” may have been the message. So what, I was seeing it from when you were 50 meters behind me.

Before going too high rolling the weird yellow vehicle, the driver should go to the driving school again. Extra courage behind the wheel is a sign of foolishness.

Wait. All hyped on some yellow ride? Bonus courage related to wheels? Are you… me? And the location, isn’t it just meters away from where I witnessed a doppelganger once before? Did I just meet myself in the parallel world…?