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A pic from June event

Now here is a belated follow-up about the freestyle showdown that took place at Zepp Sapporo back on June 28. It was a great show thanks to the large number of visitors. The greatest part is that an event like that, entailing a full mini-ramp setup in a large club/hall like Zepp, finally happened in our scene. Big thanks go to Kowada and all organizing and operating staff as well as everyone who came to see the show.

There was a lot to see in the show, including great skills of young skaters, audience attraction by inline skate gurus, and airs and tricks by fellow BMX riders Maru-chan and Yuya. Great contents also included flatland performance from Kotaro and Ucchie who came over to take part in this event, as well as dance, MC, and music shows.

For myself, the first ramp show out of the two was a total mess, where things just didn’t coordinate well. Then I realized it was the second time this year to ride ramps. Oops. Still, it worked okay for the second one, and it turned out fun. If anyone left before the second, well, I’m terribly sorry.

The other day, I was given a photo taken by a newspaper reporter at the event. To me it’s not the trick but the whole framing that just got me. Enjoy.