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Just got run over… by self

I’ve been strangely busy recently, but managed to have a little practice on my bike yesterday and today.

I took a few cardboard boxes to some flat area in the neighborhood and started jumping over them. Pretty fun. Boxes can be set not just in a tall stack but also randomly with a small one before the main stack, for instance.

I thought I was prepared to mess up and smash into the box with no problem, but there actually was some problem. I hit the boxes mid air, boxes kind of got caught and ruined my balance, and I landed with one foot on and the other off the pedal. When that foot touched the ground, a tire came out of nowhere and rode over it. Yes, I just rode over my left foot.

It happens sometimes, but the weird part was the way the foot was facing. The back side was contacting the ground, and the tire rolled over the sole of my foot. That’s my foot, lacking one ligament restricting that movement, giving me that mysterious feeling and sight occasionally. I wasn’t even sure it hurt, but called it a day and came home for an icing session anyway.

FYI, could not make 90+ cm clean. Just need more ninja practice. Good thing is I got some idea for improvement, so I’m pretty psyched to go back to another session soon again.