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Summertime memories

Weather cooled down so abruptly in Hokkaido that heating was turned on at so many places during September. For the last few days, however, we have enjoyed Indian summer days.

Summer is gone, that’s a stone cold truth nonetheless. Furthermore, it passed by while I was busy working and moving while also suffering bad allergic rhinitis, food poisoning, and asthma for the first time in two decades (this is the current state). The whole loss has got to be one of the gravest downers this year.

Not everything was bad though. I sawed, nailed, and painted a lot of stuff, and had chance to learn from friends how to fix walls and how to make fruit jelly. Also, cruising in the neighborhood on the bike has been a very fun activity.

So here is a super short report of a summer day cruise. Well, without any actual record during the activity as I went out with absolutely nothing in the pocket.

I hopped around and next thing you know, the handlebars turned around. Nothing quite unheard of if you ever run a cheapo stem or go without proper maintenance. I remember the same incident when I was riding a rental bike in Whistler back in 1996. That’s okay, I’d just ride this setup for a while. Almost felt normal. No matter how sketchy your bike setup is, it seems like, you can ride and do certain tricks anyway. It’s normal to try riding without the chain, pedals, or handlebars, right?

Good exercise is complete with a snack break with some berries growing nearby. If you get hungry, pick up some cow walking nearby and have a barbecue break. Yum.

There also has been a plan to build a private skatepark, which is now unlikely to happen within the year. It may happen next summer, so stay just slightly tuned.