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Story of troubles on the last day of the year

I came to a stop right by a tram station as I was driving to a hospital. Then came a tram car, onto which a lady with a guide dog boarded. Seats were occupied, and she had a hard time finding a rail to hold on to after climbing the steps from the door of the tram car to its central passage. At one point she almost lost the balance and reached over to the glass window on the entrance door. Offer your seats right away instead of just watching like some dumbasses, you retards with serious disability only in the compassionate system of the brain, I thought, which I could have made heard if I rolled down the window on my end of the world, but I refrained in order to avoid greater confusion.

She seemed to finally get a seat before the next stop. But the situation was a bit dangerous as she could have fallen into or out of the tram door. With the steps separating the door and floor, reaching beyond that space to rest your hand on the door is like taking off on a jump without seeing the landing. People around her must have noticed what was going on; some 4-5 passengers were staring at the dog from the very start, which showed a major lack of any sense of risk in their empty heads. Some may not have noticed it was a guide dog, but ignorance never makes excuse. It is plain guilt.

Anyway, I arrived in the hospital. Why? To have a check on this crazy swelling on the part where a lipoma was removed half a month ago. Verdict: immediate recut to drain blood. Seemed like the staff on duty gave up at first and then a dermatologist reported to work just to do it on this end-of-year day. I was super grateful, but well, it hurts… Anesthesia is not working properly… Really seriously hurts when you cut my flesh, burn my veins, and sew my skin… And nurses are sketchy… This whole place is more like a field hospital… Is that really xylocaine?

Just as symbolized by the ordeal at the very end, this past year was filled with weird health problems, but I could survive it and then some all thanks to your help and support. Hope the next year will be an even better one for us all.