Miscellaneous Blog Posts

Back pain continues

It’s been nearly a month since I killed my back lifting a chunk of ice. Still not good.

I had bought insanely wide skis but haven’t been able to ski or snowboard. Asthma has got better but I haven’t been riding. As a whole life’s been a bit depressing. Up until just a few days ago, sneezing could be deadly.

The house snow festival has ended, and I’ve been getting rid of the thick ice pillars I set up (my condition is at least better, allowing me to do this kind of stuff sometimes). Though they have melted a bit, the heaviest one may still weigh about 100kg. I’d like to say so anyway to protect my poor wee pride. I bought a pickaxe for this job, but the pile is still so big that you can climb up the snow towers to reach the second floor directly.

By the way, by the way. I’ve decided to build a snow bike. Not for sale yet but a prototype for myself for now. I need to put it together in shape to be able to check on some points, so I’m welding stuff though this may mean the bike falling apart mid air. I started working on it in January, and the first prototype is scheduled to come out in early March. It’s more or less like a DIY practice project for me, but I’ll let you know later when I have any update.