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Smart Helmet

New products are popping out as usual. Today, we have just finished the development of our latest project, the Smart Helmet.

It directly scans the brain waves of the rider, and automatically selects the music to suit your mood from the cloud storage using our original algorithm. All that’s left for you to do is simply ride your bike, while enjoying the background music by either streaming or downloading!

If you choose stream play, part of the frontal lobe of the rider will be used as buffer memory, which may have some impact on the rider’s personality depending on the memory load. If you choose to download, it may take some time due to narrow bandwidth of your cloud connection if applicable. It does not mean any major problem, though, since the delay will only be to such extent that the Pantera guitar riff might start roaring right after you land the trick of the day.

We will start accepting orders soon. Stay tuned.