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It’s summer… and a half

It’s been crazy sunny for the past few days, so hot that I don’t know what to do anymore. Room temp just exceeded 37 deg C. It has gone up by 32 deg in the last two months, so at the current rate, it will reach nearly 150 deg C within this year. Now that’s trouble.

Normally, water evaporates at 100 deg C. In order to keep water in its liquid form in this crazy time of warming, you need to raise the boiling point by pressurizing it. That’s the reverse version of the famous phenomenon that water evaporates at less than 90 deg C at the top of Mt. Fuji. So in order to do this, you need a pressure container. Actually, it would just be ideally efficient if you can turn the whole house into one. This is why highly insulated, highly airtight houses are becoming popular in the house building industry.

There also may be another approach to raising the boiling point by replacing water with thicker solutions or oil. You can improve system reliability under high temperature by, for instance, putting a lot of salt in the water or mix in some oil and create an emulsion, or, if possible, modify the whole water system to function with oil or glycol. Though not known widely, this is exactly what’s going on with modern day ramen shops, where everything is salty and greasy. This is out of utter kindness, combined with the latest technology to maintain our vital functions in high temperature environments.

Are you ready for the summer?