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Trials element

So I built a wheel set a while back, had a little too much fun in the break-in session, and the wheels went quite a bit out of true. Bicycle wheels are held together by the tension on the spokes, which tends to be unstable and prone to loosening at the beginning of use due to parts biting into each other and stretching. And if you jump around with little care like I did, there will be consequences. I should also have made more efforts to break the components in while building. Well, after all it was fixable so it’s all good.

I’m running rims for bike trials this time. Speaking of which, just a few months ago, I was exposed to more trials element than normal people do in a lifetime.

This is Goldrush, the mecca of trials goods in Japan. This enterprise is run by Kenichi Iwasa, a guy about my age who got started around the same time as myself in the same line of business. However, he’s turned it into something way bigger while also making huge efforts to promote this sport and support younger riders. Besides, he himself has done quite gnarly stuff aboard his bike. And on this day he took me to an awesome local Akashi-yaki eatery. What a guy.

A great lineup of trials bikes, not many of which I get to see on the regular.

These bikes have majorly evolved over the years, and it was fun to have a glimpse on the latest stuff created to suit the crazy skill levels in the sport nowadays. Thanks for the great eye candies.