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Equippied with honeycomb

Recently I bought an interesting automotive, equipped with lots of weird stuff, including the siren and kill switch. Among them all, this was thought to be the most notable.

Honeycomb in wheel well. It’s such a perfect honeycomb with the typical, hexagonal shape. There was no resident, which allowed me to watch it in awe every once in a while.

Then one day, when I was removing the front bumper, I heard a raging buzz noise. But I had to take off the bumper, and I had degreaser spray on hand that could serve as firethrower, so I kept on. The result was quite startling.

Apparently the small one was a decoy… I was in a sticky situation before removing the bumper completely, where I had to throw the fire and a flame came up from the vehicle. I was worried I might have burned some wires, but it was just the beehive. I was glad. But I was sorry for the larvae. They were almost taken away by aunts later, what a tough day.

Paper wasps. I’d seen them fly around the rig and I did wonder why. If only I knew you were living there, I could have put the bumper and your house somewhere safe. If only I was not freaked out. I’m sorry.

Next day, for the whole day, the one survivor kept flying around. It finally seemed to fly off to find a new place in the evening. Take care.