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Happy Halloween

So it’s Halloween, though I’ve been too busy to care, buried in the modification and restoration work on the automobile. October is soon to be gone, but luckily it hasn’t snowed yet at least.

Halloween seems similar to Bon Dance in Japan held mid August, the time that the dead people come back out. And somehow that’s when I tend to injure myself. This year, it was my ankle, which still is very slowly recovering. There doesn’t seem to be much I can do so I’ve just been chilling.

And yet, the truck is hardly finished despite all my focus. I want to make it last for a long, long time. So the rust proofing and paint job is a big thing, but the weather is almost getting too cold to do it. Then the haste always brings troubles, like today I ended up peeling of 5 layers of coating after having sprayed a thick coat that did not stick well.

Right before Halloween in 1998, there was a pumpkin-orange truck I test rode and then missed the chance to buy. Every once in a while, I still recall that International around this time of the year. The one I’ve got now is different but the fascia somewhat reminds me of a Halloween pumpkin. Hope to get you back on the road soon.