Miscellaneous Blog Posts


I’m feeling slightly out of luck recently. For instance, I cut myself in the hand while working with a cutting knife. What a grade school-kid level injury.

It would have been ideal to sew it considering the depth and length of the cut, but I couldn’t do it because there was no thread and needle suitable for the job around. After a week of decent care with plastic wrap, superglue and athletic tape, along with some compression and rest, it’s getting much better. Good thing I did it with a sharp blade. It’s important to keep tearing off the dull tip of the blade at all times.

Luckily, this minor injury is so far the only one that happened during the ongoing truck modification craze. And yet the punishment for too much joy in my life came…in the form of the big bad winter.

My shower room froze today.

I was all ready for a hot shower after a day of working in the sub-zero outside, when I opened the faucet to no avail. Actually I couldn’t even turn it. So I spent some extra time melting it, in the very temperature that caused it, naked as a freshly shaved sheep. Oh winter’s day, did you know that I have some more work left to do that can’t be done unless it gets warmer again?