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Birthday thoughts

Today started with me happily gathering trash in the kitchen and taking it to garbage station, only to find heaps of paper for recycling. Wrong day. It’s not the burnable day, but it’s Cher’s birthday. And mine too.

When I was talking to my parents just last month, I found out I was considered a child with accidental tendencies. I crossed roads and almost got hit by cars. I ran through a fishing port and ended up flying headfirst into a winch tripping over winch wires. I cut a grapefruit and the white fruit turned to ruby. I still have several stitches from those days. Then I found passion for skiing bumps and jumps, bicycling up and down some height, and messing around on walls and fences at high school, which made it seem I wouldn’t survive to hit adulthood.

Surviving all that, however, I’m still here, gracefully failing as before and aging peacefully. I never knew, but it’s a huge bonus that the endangered kid is still doing fine, riding bikes and crafting things. It wouldn’t have been possible without my parents giving me thick bones and my friends teaching me lots of things. Thank you so much.