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New rider photos

Here is some more info on Kazoo, our new team rider.

He’s got not only that great smile but also experience and knowledge to build the Tanatos frame with good choice of parts and positioning to achieve best performance. Of course you could build it any way you like, and there is no such thing as one absolute answer to it, and hence no specific suggestion from me in this case. Anywise, it is great to see people, whether customers or teammates, looking happy with the bike.

And to see him ride. Muscles are our good fiends.

This is how Kazoo makes efforts to show his bikes at events he participates in as rider and staff. I had the same front rim once. It was not strong enough for the rear, so I painted a beefier rim in similar colors. My painting job was so awesome that no one could possibly tell inconsistency in the colorway as long as their eyes were closed. Twisted spokes have supporters and haters but I tried that too when I was in junior high school, because the spokes i picked up from garbage were too long. If I remember correctly, you lose a few millimeters in length per one twist.

So the great news is there will be more opportunities for you to see and touch our products like this. Happy riding!

(Photos by kikuzo)