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Knee locked!

My knee popped the other day as I was casually riding. Now I can’t fully extend it.

Seems like the meniscus, a component in the knee joint between the thigh and shin bones, is pinched in a strange location. My right knee has gone through ACL and PCL rupture and reconstruction, and it is rather common to have knee locking problems if your meniscus have damages from such incidents. In a societal context, the Japanese style toilet is nothing but horror for people with such an issue, where deep bending and full body weight load can lead to risks such as dislocation. Although, this time, it’s got more to do with my knee condition than the bending angle.

So, I will be hospitalized on the 28th to have a surgery, which is required this time to get out of the locked state. And as I’d be anesthetized anyway, I’ve asked the doctors to cut this and that and grind off this and that to be as good looking as a Hollywood star. Can’t wait to see the results. The only worry I have is my baby tomato trees, which are the non-industrial, super slow growing type. Been months since I got them from a friend and I’m still babying these babies, and need to find someone to take care of them while I’m in the hospital.